Slantionary. The only place to get your one of kind high school slangs from one of the most 'Awkward' shows on the planet.

AdoraWhoreAble Slutty but sweet.
Back-Up Pants The extra set of pants a girl or her friends keep stashed at school for monthly visitor emergencies.
Badatude Bad attitude
Barneys Dorks, nerd boys, or goobers; Guys you don’t want to be seen with in public.
Bestie Festie When two best friends hang out
BFGFBFF Boyfriend Girlfriend Best Friends Forever Double Date (DD is implied)

A double date consisting of two couples who are best friends.

Big Fail Mary Something that does not go as planned.
Bomb-Ass Awesome.
Bomb-Dot-Com Beyond awesome.
Brabusters Boobs.
Brillz Brilliant.
Bumping Of Uglies or Bumping Uglies Hooking up.
Call Shenanigans or Shenanigans Calling ‘BS’ (Bull shit).
Carefrontation A casual intervention facilitated with people who care about you when they think you need help.
Cheesetastic So cheesy it’s almost cool.
Chillaxative As in, "take a chillaxative." Calm down. 
Creeper Stalker; Weirdo; Freak.
Dicktor Scale How big a guys dick is.
DTR Define the relationship; The uncomfortable talk no one wants to have about their dating status.
Face-Mail The transparent look on someone’s face that lets you know what they’re feeling; Saying something in person that you would normally only have the balls to say over email.
Flirtationship A relationship that has yet to evolve past the flirting stage.
Freak-A-Deak Reacting in a stunned or jarring way.
Friendscape The lay of the land in regards to how many friends you have.
Genie In A Bottle Genius
H-2-T Gorge Head- to-toe gorgeous.
Haiku Advice Nonsensical advice
Hitting Shuffle On The Subject Changing the subject
Hoe And Tell Reveal a secret relationship
House Arrest Being grounded.
Jacked-Up Messed up.
Jell-Y Jealous.
Karmageddon The end of the world brought on by one’s own bad karma.
Kickback Small party; Get-together.
Lady Business Anything having to do with ‘lady parts’.
Lurker Creep; Stalker; Freak.
Major May-Jor So major you have to say it with a Spanish accent.
Nancy Drew This Over-Analyzing.
Neck-2-T Lasered Neck-to-toe laser hair removal.
Nice Whoredrobe Skanksquatch You have bad slutty attitude
LA (El Ay) Later
Old Testament Out dated; Old School.
Over-Game-Over A Step Beyond “Game Over”; The real end of gaming playing in a game or a relationship.
PFM Pure freaking magic
Pulling A Britney Going to a crazy place.
Rank Gross; Nasty.
Recessive Chub Fat you can’t control with diet and exercise.
Resident Evil Pure Evil.
Skitch Skanky bitch
Sequestered To The Kiss And Cry zone Having been iced out.
Shame Spiral Having a nervous breakdown
Slore A slut and whore (double-whammy)
TIA This is awkward.
Tweak Freak out.
Uberklempt Stoked; Excited; Amped.
Ugly Cry Crying so hard your make-up runs and your face gets puffy.
Weird-Ometer The scale or measurement of weird.
Whoredrobe wardrobe of a slut
YASAP Yesterday as soon as possible
Z Time Time to watch TMZ