• Kaylah1971

    June 12, 2013 by Kaylah1971

    just by getting up every morning it like a another day where u see peole you just dont want to see i am on vacation with a bunch of people and it is hard to think and all of this talking well thank the lord for getting these people asleep because if he had not i would not be posting this or making my account today and it is hard to walk by all the stuff in our past it is like it hits us befor we know what is coming and to be telling the trut i felt my past alking by me every chance it has and it does to see people who had died and think they are around u when they are not life or death it is all has gong to hit us on the back where it has a chance but i can get right past it because i pray to the lord to keep peoples past in the past it is…

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