• MMSofia

    My Story...

    December 10, 2012 by MMSofia

    And here I am! Trying to solve my problems too and there is nowhere better from here i think...

    Well, i'm 16 and tolly in love with a guy named Panos. I know him for at least 4 months and i liked him from the first time i saw him but it wasn't so intense cause we disn't know each other. Meanwhile i made the biggest mistake of my life, i had a relationship about 2 weeks with a guy i didn't like... i have no idea why i did that! It was very irresponsible and stupid and i have regret it!!! But now i'm free again and still totally in love with THE guy! 

    The problem is that i don;t know if he is in to me, i think he is but i'm not sure! We flirt a lot but i don't know... What should anyone do in these situations?? Do i have to reveal what i feel …

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