Snap there nothing more. Let alone, I do not even like you. Why did I necessarily talk to you? And especially that detention with him. Damn, that was really all a bad start. And now I'm still doubting too. First he was really very nice to me, but now ... Now you pretend I'm a crazy person. Why do some guys too tough to happen? To me he does not need to prove, but now, now I do not even remember who you really are. Then I do not know why I'm in love with you, or was that just my feeling unsure? I do not even like you! And then you also have a friend who dreamed about him that she kissed him ... I can now hardly say that I like him suddenly. I had established myself that I would go to another school, now I'm late. I have to wait a year. And I really really want to go to another school?

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